• I am taking a business course with NPE to learn how to grow my own business, BeFitWithMi. It’s a business for in-home personal training.

  • When I am not working on my business, I am a cafe staff at Five and Two cafe at Down To Earth garden center where I make drinks and cook. I introduced Vietnamese coffee to the menu. I work with awesome people.

  • When I am not working at all, I read, do something crafty, listen to podcasts or explore local coffee shops. I like mystery genre or true crime of everything.

  • I am reading “This Is Marketing” by Seth Godin and “History of Vietnam” by Tran Trong Kim.

  • I also teach POP Pilates at Dragon Fly Dance and Wellness studio twice a week.

  • I am a cantor and a choir member at St. James the Greater in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I grew up with church music so it has been something I really enjoy doing.

  • Me and my husband are following Dave Ramsey’s guidance to pay off our debt, so we can live like no one else.

  • For the month of August 2019, we are doing the breathing technique by “the iceman” Wim Hof and cold shower in the morning. The purpose of this challenge is to learn how to deal with (extreme) discomfort and to make a commitment to do something for 30 days.

This page is inspired by NowNowNow. Last updated Aug. 13, 2019.